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Fat Loss Factor Scam

Fat Loss Factor Scam?

Is Fat Loss Factor a scam? Are Dr. Michael Allen and his wife Lori Allen a fraud, or are they onto something real with the FLF diet ebook? Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the diet in order to answer that question.

First of all, you may have read a Fat Loss Factor review that mentions that the Allens tell you to eat more food as you lose weight. This seems scientifically impossible, which would give you all the reasons in the world to suspect a Fat Loss Factor scam. Realistically though, this claim isn’t as straightforward as it might sound. They’re basically suggesting that you eat more often than before, but in the form of smaller meals spread throughout the day in order to boost your metabolism.

Let’s look at some other things about the FLF book. What can you expect to learn about after you buy it?

FLF diet

For one, you should know that the first two weeks involve a detox period of sorts. Dr. Michael Allen basically has you sticking to organic foods during this period since it enables the body to more easily rid itself of toxins in your system. This makes it easier to lose the weight you’ll aim to lose while sticking to the program.

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The core of the diet is based around two things: high interval intensity training (HIIT) three times per week, and an awareness of 15 critical foods to avoid that have a terrible effect on metabolism and your weight. You’ll be eating smaller meals spread throughout the day instead of a few big ones. This prevents you from getting hungry and making the bad eating decisions we often tend to make when we’re feeling starved. They’ll also tell you to drink more water, which limits hunger (sometimes you’re really just dehydrated when you think you’re hungry) and flushes impurities out of the body.

There’s more cool stuff that comes with any purchase of the Fat Loss Factor diet – not just a book. Some of it includes:

  • An exercise tracker that lets you log everything you’ve done at the gym and keep track of your weight over time. Little details like these are crucial when you’re trying to successfully lose weight.
  • Cleanse videos to guide you through the two week detox process that kicks off the diet.
  • A complete workout routine blueprint, with the HIIT gym exercises you’ll be doing three days per week. This comes with three different levels of intensity and difficulty, depending on how experienced you are in the gym.
  • A collection of recipes and a grocery list to ensure that you’re eating well as you follow the FLF diet blueprint.
Click here for a more complete list of what’s included.

There’s no reason to worry about a Fat Loss Factor scam. Aside from the fact that you’re getting a ton of material here with a well organized plan that’s easy to follow, Michael and Lori Allen offer a 60 day money back guarantee to buyers who aren’t happy with the product. The guarantee is handled through Clickbank and out of their control.

When it comes down to it, you’ll lose weight if you do as they say. You’re doing nothing risky and crazy to your body like other diets out there may suggest, and you’re not sweating your life away in the gym with time that you didn’t have to begin with. FLF is definitely one of the better weight loss routines out there, and the results will speak for themselves. Someone who screams Fat Loss Factor scam was probably too lazy to go out and do what’s in the book.

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FAQ About Fat Loss Factor

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Fat Loss Factor.

How long does the diet last for?

This is meant to be a 12 week program. Therefore, you’ll need to come into this with a dedicated mindset, ready to commit yourself for nearly 3 months.

What needs to be done after the 12 weeks have finished?

While it’s true that you should expect to see some great results if you truly stay focused and follow the plan in its entirety, you’ll want to adhere to some of the principles that the book teaches after you’re done. The most important things are the continuation of a regular exercise routine and following through with the better eating habits that the Allens instill. While the plan is at its most intense during the 12 week cycle, these are habits meant to be formed for life. While this depends on your current weight pre-diet, so may prevent you from ever needing to worry about losing weight again.

Who is Michael Allen?

Dr. Michael Allen is a certified nutritionist, certified wellness practitioner, and a board certified chiropractic physician. With plenty of experience to back up his claims, he wrote Fat Loss Factor based on his findings after years in the wellness and nutrition field.

Who is Lori Allen?

Lori Allen is the wife of Dr. Michael Allen, and co-creator of the Fat Loss Factor. She also lost 90 pounds following this very method, and shares details of her experience throughout the book.

Is there a money back guarantee?

In the event that you decide that you’re unhappy with Fat Loss Factor, Clickbank (payment processor for this product) does offer a 60 day full money back guarantee.